Scholarships available at the University of Cape Townpharmacometrics group

The pharmacometrics group at the University of Cape Town is looking for bright and motivated candidates to join our modelling team within the Division of Clinical Pharmacology.

This group has established PK/PD modelling expertise in the disease areas of tuberculosis, HIV, and malaria. It is active internationally and enjoys on-going collaborations and exchange programs with some of the main pharmacometric research groups worldwide.

Scholarships at both PhD student and postdoc level are available, please refer to the links below for more details:

PhD student advert -

Postdoc advert -

To apply, or for any further information, please fill in the following form

For any queries and your CV (on top of filling the form at the link above), please email

The application deadline is March 14th 2022.

However, questions regarding future positions are welcome.